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10g dwarf puffer tank...planted. Questions.


I have been cycling my 10g tank fishless style for 6 days now. Another week and i should be ready to add fish. My question is though, what course of action to take on the plants. I want real plants and i thought i planned accordingly. I have Eco-Complete in the tank as a substrate and purchased a cheap incadasent strip light and paced to 20w CF colormax bulbs in it.

Well, i am hoping to keep it a low-tech tank, as my primary objective is to keep my dwarf puffers happy. Second objective is to provide a lush aquascape for them to explore.

So as of right now, i am looking at 40watts of lighting over ten gallons, which i have been told should be enough(as the WPG rule doesnt apply to a tank of this size).

Will i need c02? I already have an order of plants that should be here tomorow.

Corkscrew Val
Green Wendtii
Java Fern
Giant Temple
Dwarf Subulata
Cardamine Creeping Charlie

i tried to stay low tech as possible, but i know wisteria and i think the corkscrew val may be alittle unhappy, ofcourse i dont really have any knowledge of aquarium plants, so this is a learning experience.

I also picked up a bottle of Flourish. I dunno whether i will be needing it, but for 5 bucks, i thought i might.

basically, i'd like to keep the plant side of the tank as easy as possiblle considering puffers themselves are a handful in the feeding and care department.

Do i have to much lighting? Will ineed co2? Will i benifit from bulk ferts?

Also, i am running on a linux based computer, and the nutrient calc is only for windows it looks like, isnt it? I also, i think i may need to do a DIY reflector because the one in the light strip is quite small only covering 1/2 of each bulb.

Any help would be ver much appreciated.
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Since you are going planted, why wait for a fishless cycle? You could have just jumped right in by planting heavy..

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i am new...i was only going by what other puffer owners have instructed on thepufferforum.com and dwarfpuffers.com. The reason being is that puffers are sensitive to poor water conditions because they are a scaless fish and new tank syndrome would most likely off them.

Plants were well, an after thought. I knew i didn't want plastic and i sorta just went from there. they'll be here tomorow. I should have enough plants, hopefully.

i purchased 12 dwarf sags, 3 wisteria, 5 corked vals,2 wendtti, and 1 of the rest. i also wanted to pick up some java moss but all they had was the willow moss in stock and i wanted the brighter color java which i will have to aquire later.

i am more concerned though with the direction of the plants and less with the cycling...since i have plenty of time on my hands(no rush).
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I would grab a fer moer stem plant if you can. If you have a petsmart by you, grab a bunch of ludwigia.


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got the plants yesterday, i dunno. They seem to not be doing so well, almost everything besides the java fern and the wisteria is turning on me.

Is this just initial shock?
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Most likely.....It might help to float the ones that look bad for a few days
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i am gonna give it a few days to see if they start to rebound.

Have i read wrong or is dwarf sag not a relatively easy plant to grow...my little guys seem to be taking it the hardest.

I also understand that the 2 crypts i have(one has 1-2 leaves turning brown) is normal for crypts.
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Crypts will melt very often. Nothing new there... Give it time, they should all be fine!

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In my experience crypts will quite often wilt upon planting, after a while they will flourish and there will be no stopping them, even though every know and again you will experience a rot, just trim the dying leaves and the plant will soon rebound. goodluck.
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welcome to the forum!

i am well... obsessed with moss. so if you need any let me know i have PLEANTY of java moss around so send me a pm and we can work something out

plants almost always have a shock period in a new tank when ordered online unless from other hobbiests if you are looking for plants I would deffinatly check out the "swap and shop" section of the forum.

welcome! ohh and remember READ ALOT search alot READ ALOT MORE!

- fish newb -

oh and PS crypts will always melt! just get used to that... I've had some go dormant it seems and they will throw leaves a month later. so if they dont come back leave the rizhome in the substrate they probably will sooner or later

- fish newb -
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thanks man. Mostly everything is doing ok..so far. the wisteria,java fern and a majority of the dwarf sag is doing the best. The crypts melted which was expected, although the one turned brown on almost all the leaves as well, which probably not make it.

The Corkscrew Vals are doing the worst... we shall see though. I noticed some snail hitch hikers appeared. Puffer food when i finally get them.

To be honest, the dwarf sag has already sent several new shoots out and they sprouted. I hope that stuff takes off because i want it to cover a bit of space.

So far i see no algae but i noticed some brown hair on the wisteria(looks like brown polyester filter media, but very thin). Alittle nervous.
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