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Finally some new things I can write about
#1 I've started using Fluval peat moss as one of filter medias, now water looks like tea, but fish and shrimp are very happy in it + lower water ph of 7.2.
#2 Update on plants\fish.
Marsilea -doesn't grow any faster in the shallow soil so I planted it all back on the right side where it belongs. After using root tab, new leafs come out on longer stems and more leafs per stem.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
- still spreading out slowly and thinly. Original clusters were fuller, but now as it spreads out new clusters only grow 2-3 leafs. HONESTLY I'm just happy it's alive

Fish are doing awesome, their life consists of constantly trying to one-up each other in color and agility. Two of them fearlessly claim their turf one on each side of the fish tank. turns out I had only males - 11 of them.
Shrimp have grown big and and I love their bright red color - except, it means that all 4 of them are females ...so yeah, no procreation occurred in my fish tank ...

#3 ... so I tagged along with my dear husband on a trip to San-Francisco in hopes to visit
Aqua Forest Aquarium (http://www.aquaforestaquarium.com) and Ocean Aquarium (http://oceanaquarium.blogspot.com).
- Traffic was brutal, so we ended up not making it to Aqua Forest Aquarium in time before they closed, oh well, maybe next time.
- Ocean Aquarium was still open and is located near by, so that's where I ended up buying 6 more Boraras (1 male and 5 females) whether they are all B.Briggitae or not I have my doubts...but than again, very few lucky ones have ever seen B.B females, maybe that's how they look.
I also bought 6 more Cherry red shrimps (1 female and 5 males).
The owner was very helpful. At first he wasn't going to sell me fish until I bring sample of water for testing, I said that I like his policy, but I live 3 hours away so he'll just have to trust me. Told him about success of keeping this fish and shrimp already, described the pain of filtering water through the peat moss to bring ph down and how little it helps, because GH does not allow it to drop below pH 7.2 At this point he tested his tap water for me - it was almost navy blue liquid in the test tube, probably around pH 9, very hard !!! Than he tested his boraras fish tank water - it was 6.8 maybe even lower. Here is how he achieves it - when doing top offs, he adds equal parts of Seachem Neutral Regulator and Discus Buffer to his tap water, than drips it into the fish tank's hob filter. I bought both of this products and he told me that in 4 days water should be around 6.8. and I can release fish into the main fish tank.
This products are phosphate based, and I know it will give algae plenty to thrive on, that I can live with, my concern is shrimp - is it safe for them?
Just because a knowledgeable person said it, doesn't make it right. So I am not adding anything in my main fish tank today until further research! Fish and shrimp will remain in quarantine... actually shrimp is still drip acclimating since yesterday evening, don't want to rush bringing them from pH 9 to pH 7

Never assume, always check.

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Some water testing results for you all:
Click image for larger version

Name:	20131028_105255.jpg
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on the left -my fish tank water. In the middle, tap water after it was heated and peat moss was soaked in it for a weak, with aeration. On the right water that came with the fish from Ocean Aquarium, not much different from mine so maybe I can acclimate fish and not use Seachem products at all.
Why do I soak peat moss you might wonder? Because I really want to try and breed my fish ) Here is a few problems.
1) Curse you Bermuda triangle of water! No matter how much of this "peat juice" I would pour in the fish tank to lower Ph, my high gh and kh buffers it to around 7.2 So maybe I should use Seachem Discuss Buffer after all, it promises to lower Gh and Ph and keep it more or less stable.
2) Here is a picture of more tests on "peat juice"
Click image for larger version

Name:	20131028_110247.jpg
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If I use this with water changes I will have to buy something that removes ammonia before I can add it to a fish tank.
3) Not a biggie but worth mentioning - water gets dark brown in color and plants\rocks look less attractive.

I guess I'll just hope that they will breed in Ph 7.2-7.4 and high gh
Still not sure if I want to go Seachem route.

Never assume, always check.

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Sad news, first molting in the fish tank for 1 of the new shrimps has gone bad looks like molt has come too early because he still was in his shell and it was coming off like scales. Probably 15 % water change I did this evening + stress after acclimation. One of the original shrimp molted too, but she is fine. I hope the rest of newcomers will do better.

After writing this post, sadly, I found another one of the newcomers dead after molting, he looked like someone attacked him but that could have been after his death and not necessarily the cause.
Water parameters were fine, but something definitely wasn't right because even original batch of females was restlessly running around. Then, in the middle of the night and today, (October 30th) I suddenly remembered that shrimp like cooler temperatures and my heater is set to 79 to get fish in the mood for breeding, not sure if that contributed to shrimp deaths, it was plausible, therefore actions had to be taken immediately even if it's 2 in the morning It might have worked because later this morning, with a heater on 74 `F there have been first successful molt by new shrimp ) Happy dance

Never assume, always check.

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No success on breeding anything, shrimp population died off and fish population is 7. plants died off recently too.
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A little update.
Fish: Bought a pair of Celestial Pearl Danios they are very skittish but beautiful. Already started laying eggs, but no fry, I think eggs get eaten by Chili Rasboras and parents. My PH is around 6.8-7.0 ( I've been adding Acid/Alkaline buffers). GH is 125.30 dgH and KH is 71.60 dgH. Temperature is 72 degrees.

Shrimp: got 10 red cherry shrimp a month ago, good mix of males and females but they have not been breeding yet.

Plants: so far Fissidens fontanus has been my rock star, nothing seems to affect it, and even after algae bloom killed most of my other plants this guy came back and is growing nicely.

I also bought another batch of Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, this time most of it survived and slowly new grass blades are showing out of the substrate.
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So Cool to read your posts over a time period of the last two years or so. I'm curious of your results if/when you used the seachem buffers. I considered doing the same to try to lower my pH. Recently my planted 10 is pretty similar to yours. My pH is ready 7.2-7.3 and I've recently added Indian almond leaves to naturally attempt to lower it to 7.0. Nitrates and nitrate are at 0. I've read the same where using Seachem buffers causes major algae bloom from phosphates. What was the cause of your crash in your tank??
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